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Currently I voluntarily admin several Facebook Pages and Discord servers for Elex, a mobile gaming company in charge of games such as Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen and Mr Love: Queen’s Choice. The total member count for all 4 platforms is 82k members. I help manage event announcements, create video guides and community related projects. I also handle issues between members and am a calming voice when there are issues within the game.

Links to them are below!

Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen

Mr Love: Queen's Choice

Recently I have done several pieces of work for esports players and organisations. Here is an example of my work, and I am happy to send more on request.

I like using photoshop and various art programs to be creative with game avatars and screenshots, to even be used in the gaming communities I help manage. Examples are below!


Hi! I'm Charlotte, a freelance creator with a focus on art and video work!

I am currently studying Broadcast Media Technologies at Leeds Beckett University, where I am in my final year.

My reason for making this site is to put work out there, aspiring to get a job in the video or gaming industry, as well as work freelance on my interests i've laid out! Think I could help you out? Get in touch!


I would love to hear from you! Whether you think I would be a perfect fit for your company or have freelance work that would suit me!
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